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Pepwave AP One
One AP for All of Your Needs

Pepwave AP One

AP One Flex 300M
The AP One Flex features an IP55 all-weather enclosure and provides seamless coverage over large areas.

AP One Rugged
Housed in tough metal enclosures and easy to integrate with the rest of your network, the AP One Rugged set the standard for high-performance, low-maintenance indoor Wi-Fi.

AP One Enterprise
Powered by PoE, the AP One Enterprise has 3x3 MIMO dualradio Wi-Fi transmits wireless data at up to 1750Mbps. You can mount it directly to the ceiling at office.

Deploy Anywhere, Manage Centrally, Turnkey or Custom Captive Portals, Enterprise-Grade Fast Roaming, Seamless Peplink SD-WAN Integration.