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Unbreakable FirstNet Ready SD-WAN for Public Safety

Purpose Built for Public Safety

Dependable hardware built to deliver unmatched network stability. Long-term Firmware support to ensure years of service life.

FirstNet Ready is the national public safety network, helping law enforcement, firefighters and EMS save lives and protect communities across the United States. The FirstNet Ready network is a secure broadband network dedicated to public safety.
Comman features include:

  • Solid Hardened Design
  • Long Term Firmware Support
  • Unmatched Stability
  • Direct Connect to Vehicle Power. Ignition Sensing.

Make it Happen with MAX Cellular Routers

In conjunction with a Peplink router at headquarters, Pepwave multi-cellular routers can combine commercial LTE, FirstNet LTE, and radio networks. We have a wide range of models to suit every deployment. Whether you need 2x cellular, 4x cellular, or outdoor cellular models, we’ve got you covered.

SpeedFusion Bandwidth Bonding

SpeedFusion takes multiple LTE (Commercial and/or FirstNet Ready) links and combines them into a single connection that is ultra-fast, ultra-resilient and has the greatest possible coverage.

Eliminated Dead Spots

By combining the coverage areas of multiple LTE connections, SpeedFusion can eliminate the occurrence of dead spots.
Seamless Failover

If the FirstNet Ready link fails, SpeedFusion will switch over to another available Commercial LTE link without missing a beat.
Increased Bandwidth

SpeedFusion makes high bandwidth applications possible by combining multiple LTE (Commercial and/or FirstNet Ready) connections, even when on the move.
Traffic Steering

Ensure important applications/data get the most available bandwidth by setting up Traffic Steering rules to use the SpeedFusion VPN.

The Peplink Solution secures your data with AES-256 bit military grade encryption, FIPS 140-2 compliant and acts as a L7 Firewall.


Extending Radio Networks

Extending the Reach of LMR, P.25, TETRA, NXDN, and DMR 2-Way Radios

Enabling Multisite IP Deployments

Previously, 2-way radios only worked with other radios that were connected to the same repeater. By forming SpeedFusion tunnels between headquarters and each remote site, they become a single network. This extends the reach of existing 2-way radio networks to anywhere an LTE or other IP network is available

Traditionally, 2-way radios were the main form of communication for first responders. With SpeedFusion, the 2-way radio line can be supplemented by LTE (Commercial and/or FirstNet Ready) connections, adding more bandwidth to the network. This extra bandwidth gives first responders access to more crucial information at their fingertips such as operation manuals and site information.


CAD (Computer-Aided Dispatch) and Automatic vehicle location (AVL)

Applications keep public safety assets as efficient as possible by helping get the closest resources to incidents.

Peplink’s Cloud-Based Management platform, InControl 2 provides full-fleet device management when used in combination with our vehicle-mounted, GPS–enabled MAX routers. Both the routers and cloud provide APIs and local interfaces to integrate any CAD or AVL system seamlessly with the precision GPS information on the Pepwave MAX routers.

Track your devices wherever they are using our interactive maps. Check vehicle speed, cellular coverage, and traffic conditions. Playback route histories in real-time.


Currently, First Responders are only able to record video on site, but transmitting live video remains quite challenging. Peplink’s SD-WAN Solution, SpeedFusion, bonds multiple LTE connections (both FirstNet Ready and Commerical LTE) together in a high-throughput, powerful VPN to send video streams back to headquarters. In addition, SpeedFusion gives you a direct connection back to HQ to make the necessary resources available to First Responders on site.

Mobile Command

Mobile command vehicles serve as the center of an incident, supporting communications for all kinds of responders. Peplink’s SD-WAN solution, SpeedFusion, combines the bandwidth from all available connections creating an unbreakable network with multiple high-speed broadband technologies, such as FirstNet Ready LTE, commercial LTE networks, microwave broadband, as well as VSAT. This creates a reliable and secure connection to send critical mission data(video, reports, radio, etc) back to headquarters while keeping teams connected to needed resources while in the field.

Industry-Specific Unbreakable Connectivity - Vast Array of Mobile Products

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