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Pepwave MAX BR1 IP55
IP55 Outdoor 4G LTE/3G Router

Pepwave MAX BR1 IP155

Sorry, this product is no longer available, please contact us for a replacement.


Waterproof IP55 Enclosure

Deploy the BR1 IP55 with confidence in harsh indoor and outdoor environments. Its waterproof IP55 metal enclosure stands up to dust, vibration, and inclement weather, making it a great choice for industrial, emergency, and other heavy-duty applications.

Embedded MIMO & Omni Antenna

Configure your antenna on the fly. The BR1 IP55's built-in MIMO directional and Omni antennas are software selectable, so it's easy to optimize antenna performance at any time.

Built-in PoE & 3-Port Switch

Cut down on cabling and simplify deployments. The BR1 IP55 includes a built-in 3-port LAN switch to reduce clutter and the need for extra equipment. It also offers 802.3af PoE input and output, so one wire is all you need for both connectivity and power you can share with security cameras and other devices.


24/7 Unbreakable Video Surveillance powered by SpeedFusion Hot Failover

24/7 Unbreakable Video Surveillance powered by SpeedFusion Hot Failover



  • Pepwave MAX Firmware


  • Support for PPPoE, Static IP, DHCP
  • WAN Link Health Check
  • Bandwidth Allowance Monitor
  • Support for Dynamic DNS services
  • WAN Port Convertible into LAN Port


  • DHCP Server for LAN Clients
  • Extended DHCP Option
  • DHCP Reservation
  • DNS Proxy for LAN Clients
  • VLAN on LAN Support

Load Balancing

  • Intelligent Failover
  • Session Persistence
  • Per-Service Load Distribution
  • Multiple Algorithms
    • Weighted
    • Enforced
    • Persistence
    • Priority
    • Overflow

Advanced QoS

  • Individual Bandwidth Limit
  • Application Prioritization
    • Custom Application QoS


  • NAT and IP Forwarding
  • Static Routes
  • Port Forwarding
  • Many to One, One to One NAT
  • NAT Pool
  • SIP ALG, H.323 ALG

Complete VPN Solution

  • PepVPN/SpeedFusion Hot Failover
    • Site-to-Site VPN
    • Hot Failover
    • 256-bit AES Encryption
    • Pre-shared Key Authentication
    • Dynamic Routing
    • X.509 Certificate Support 1
  • IPsec VPN (Network-to-Network) 2
    • X.509 Certificate Support 1


  • Stateful Firewall
  • DoS Prevention
  • Web Blocking

Captive Portal Support

  • Support for Wired and Wireless LAN clients
  • Support RADIUS Authentication
  • Time and Usage Quotas on Open Access Mode
  • Built-in Customizable Splash Page

Device Management

  • Web Administrative Interface
  • Command Line Interface
  • InControl Cloud Management
  • Email Notification
  • Active Client and Session Lists
  • Bandwidth Usage Statistics
  • Syslog Service
  • SNMP v1, v2c and v3

Power Requirements

  • Pepwave Passive PoE
    • 12V – 48V DC
    • 48V Pepwave Passive PoE Input is Needed for 802.3af or Pepwave Passive PoE Output

Package Content

  • MAX BR1 IP55
  • Pepwave Passive PoE Injector

1Feature is available as an upgrade.
2 IPsec VPN supports connection with Cisco, Juniper, Peplink, or Pepwave devices.

MAX BR1/BR2 IP55 Specifications

All specifications are subject to change without notice.


Product Code BR1-IP55 BR2-IP55 BR1-IP67 HD2-IP67 HD4-IP67
Ethernet WAN Ports 1 (GE) 1 (GE) No 1 (GE) 1 (GE)
Ethernet LAN Ports 2 (GE) 2 (GE) 1 (FE) 1 (GE) 1 (GE)
Embedded 4G LTE 1 2 * 1 2 4
SIM Card Size Mini-SIM (2FF) Mini-SIM (2FF) Mini-SIM (2FF) Mini-SIM (2FF) Mini-SIM (2FF)
Wi-Fi WAN1 Yes Yes Yes No No
Wi-Fi AP1 Yes Yes Yes No No
Wi-Fi Standard 802.11ac wave 2/ac/a/b/g/n 802.11ac/a/b/g/n
1166Mbps 2×2 MIMO
802.11b/g/n 150Mbps No No
Transmit Power (2.4GHz) 24dBm 24dBm 28dBm No No
Transmit Power (5GHz) 23dBm 23dBm No No No
Simultaneous Dual-Band Wi-Fi AP Yes Yes No No No
Maximum number of SSID 16 16 16 No No
Recommended Users2 60 60 60 150 500
Router Throughput3 100Mbps 100Mbps 100Mbps 400Mbps 400Mbps
Core Functionality
802.1q VLANs Supported 16 16 16 128 128
Drop-In Mode No No No Yes Yes
High Availability Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
WAN as LAN Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Web Blocking Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Web Filtering Blacklist Lite Lite Lite Lite Lite
VPN Functionality
PepVPN Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
SpeedFusion Hot Failover Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
SpeedFusion WAN Smoothing No No No Yes Yes
SpeedFusion Bandwidth Bonding No No No Yes Yes
Number of PepVPN SpeedFusion Peers 2 2 2 2/20 + 2/20 +
PepVPN/SpeedFusion Throughput (No Encryption) 40Mbps 40Mbps 40Mbps 100Mbps 150Mbps
PepVPN/SpeedFusion Throughput (256-bit AES) 20Mbps 20Mbps 20Mbps 60Mbps 120Mbps
Central Management
InControl Cloud Management Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
GPS Fleet Management No No Yes Yes Yes
AP Controller Functionality
Manage Pepwave AP Series No No No Yes Yes
Maximum Number of AP Support No No No 30 30
Hardware Features
Enclosure Outdoor IP55 All-Weather Outdoor IP55 All-Weather Outdoor IP67 All-Weather Outdoor IP67 All-Meta Outdoor IP67 All-Meta
PoE Output 1x 802.3at PoE+ Output
(Requires 56V Passive PoE for full 25.5W PoE+ Output)
1x 802.3at PoE+ Output
(Requires 56V Passive PoE for full 25.5W PoE+ Output)
[nodot] 1x 802.3af PoE Output Ports (Requires PoE License automatically applied after kit purchase) 1x 802.3at PoE Output (Requires 56V DC input for full 25.5W PoE+ Output)
(Height x Width x Depth)
1.2 x 4.9 x 11.8 inches
30 x 124 x 300 mm
1.2 x 4.9 x 11.8 inches
30 x 124 x 300 mm
5.55 x 6.38 x 3.98 in
141 x 162 x 101 mm
9.0 x 12.2 x 2.6 inches
230 x 310 x 66 mm
11.6 x 15.3 x 2.6 inches
295 x 390 x 66 mm
Weight 0.96 pounds
435 grams
0.96 pounds
435 grams
1.50 pounds
680 grams
5.84 pounds
2.65 kg
9.48 pounds
4.3 kg
Power Input 802.3at PoE+ or
56V Pepwave Passive PoE ^
802.3at PoE+ or
56V Pepwave Passive PoE ^
802.3af PoE ^ 802.3at PoE+ or
AC Input
100V-240V [st]#[/st],
DC: 12V – 56V, 3A
DC: 12V – 56V ^
Power Consumption Max.: 18W, Typical: 11W, Min.: 8W Max.: 18W, Typical: 11W, Min.: 8W 12W (max.) 25W (max.) 38W (max. w/o PoE)
Operating Temperature -40° – 149°F
-40° – 65°C
-40° – 149°F
-40° – 65°C
-40° – 149°F
-40° – 65°C
-40° – 149°F
-40° – 65°C
-40° – 149°F
-40° – 65°C
Humidity 15% – 95% (non-condensing)
FCC, CE, RoHS Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
RF Port Lightning Immunity:
ITU-T K.20 (+/- 1.5 kV)
Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Certifications – Motor Vehicle
E-Mark No No No Yes No
Certifications – Rolling Stock
EN 61373:2010
Shock and Vibration Resistance
No No No Yes Yes
Warranty 1-Year Limited Warranty

[1] The frequency range for 2.4GHz and 5GHz are 2412−2472 MHz and 5180−5825 MHz respectively.
[2] Recommendation for sizing purposes only. No software restrictions applied.
[3] Router Throughtput is based on Ethernet frame sizes of 1280 or 1518 bytes. Actual performance can vary across different networking environments.
[4] Certification pending for American carriers.
^ PoE injector and AC power adapter are available separately.
+ The HD2 IP67 and HD4 IP67 come with 2 PepVPN/SpeedFusion peers by default. With an optional add-on, they support up to 20 peers.
# Support PSE output.


Download the Pepwave MAX BR1/BR2 IP55 Datasheet (PDF).

Download the Pepwave MAX Full Comparison Chart (PDF).

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