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Peplink Unbreakable VoIP
Your Phone Connection Never Breaks


Ensuring the call quality and consistency –

High latency breaks the flow of conversations, while packet loss leads to jitter and missed sentences. A single ADSL /DSL line is difficult to ensure a jitter-free phone call experience.

Although the failover can be triggered when the primary link goes down, phone calls are still getting dropped as the switchover cannot be achieved at a packet level. In addition, the static IP address cannot be retained after failover. Service will require a considerable time to come online during a failure.

Your business’s phones go offline when your internet fails and failover routers break calls twice each time a failover occurs.

Sound complicated? Don’t worry. Our devices are stuffed with powerful, complex features that all just work. Out of the box, you’re only a few clicks away from rock-solid VoIP.

VoIP – Great When It Works

VoIP is a double-edged sword. It provides amazing value, but it’s fussy. Just when you need it most, it sputters or drops out completely, leaving staff and customers speechless.

VoIP calls can sound robotic and choppy on low quality networks with high latency and jitter. Not good for your image. Worse, network failures can stop conversations dead, infuriating staff and customers, as well as wasting time and resources.

High quality VoIP needs a high quality network.

And that usually comes at a high cost. At least that’s how it used to be.

SpeedFusion VPN = Unbreakable VoIP

SpeedFusion drives highly available and secure networks with failsafe resiliency – perfect for VoIP. Just use two or more broadband connections. You can even pair it with a cellular connection. No need to break the bank to get unbreakable VoIP.

SpeedFusion VPN provides connection failover between a pair of our devices using a technology we call Unbreakable VPN. If one connection fails, Unbreakable VPN sends traffic over healthy connections without missing a beat. This happens at the packet-level – even when a connection breaks, your conversation continues. No chop. No drop. No irate staff and customers.

Sound complicated? Don’t worry. Our devices are stuffed with powerful, complex features that all just work. Out of the box, you’re only a few clicks away from rock-solid VoIP.

Hosted VoIP That’s More Than Just Talk

If you have only one office and are using a hosted VoIP solution, our load balancing technology can keep your conversations flowing even when one of the connections fails.

Load balance voice and data across multiple connections. Prioritize VoIP across the lowest latency links. Better yet, isolate all VoIP traffic to a single connection to separate voice and data. Peplink QoS lets you do all that and more.

Keep Your Conversations Going

If one connection fails, new VoIP calls will be automatically sent through other healthy connections. For additional connection resilience, simply plug in a cellular USB modem. So no matter what, you stay connected to your customers, staff and suppliers.

Effortless Scalability With InControl

If you provide customer-premises equipment, you’re probably visiting those sites more than you’d like. But with InControl, you could be managing thousands of devices, client sites, and even whole regions right from your desk. Or home. Or cafe. Without rolling a single truck or using a single drop of gas. Peplink’s cloud-based monitoring and reporting tool allows you to remotely monitor site-to-site traffic. Plus, you can securely tunnel into the web admin of each device while keeping nosy clients out. Make configuration changes without rebooting. Schedule firmware upgrades when it’s convenient. All with InControl, our powerful and easy-to-use cloud-based management tool.

Remote Web Admin Access

Scheduled Batch Firmware Upgrades

Cloud VoIP Powered by SpeedFusion

FusionHub is a SpeedFusion-capable virtual appliance that delivers Unbreakable SIP sessions to all your Peplink single-device customers. FusionHub is extremely flexible, and it’ll happily coexist alongside your hosted VoIP PBX in the cloud.

Provide more value-added services and applications over your SpeedFusion Unbreakable connection with FusionHub. It’s super fast, highly resilient, widely compatible (e.g. RDS, ERP) and protected by military-grade encryption. And it installs in a flash.

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